Bussiness proposal:

I would love to start woking together with you in a structured organized manner over time! To participate on cources as a devoted student.
I wish to become more self-aware and I wish for you to be my teacher and mentor as you have been in the past.

Paying for classes:
I am very eager to start classes as soon as possible. My understanding is that each course will cost somewhere between 3000,- to 5000,- pr. class.
I am unable to pay with cash in July or August, an I need a DEAL to start early. Alternatively i start mid-september paying with cash.

One on One :
I am also interested in healingwork with you.
• I often wake up and feel fatuege in mucles and joints. - This bothers me.
• I wish to loose weight.

My hope is that we can come to an agreement where we can exchange services somestimes, and pay with cash other times.

I can offer:

In general - anything you need for marketing purposes.

How about:

  • 1 min - videopresentations for Facebook / web for each of your classes? -
    Here is a video example i filmed last month, where I'm just showing you the intro.
    Imagine getting your own customdesigned intro vignett, followed by you presenting each cource.








How about:
A new logo and a new responsive up-to-date webpage, with professional search-engine-optimalisation and social-media integration?
• Chooseing a template from : https://rockettheme.com/joomla/templates


How about:
• A re-work of your old brochure containing your services?
COVER and card 01

How about:
• A photosession - New profile pictures of you, like this:


At the moment I'm working with Makieu (picture) in a very similar way as I am working with you. He is my mentor who will help me get my dream-job in next couple of months.

I invite you to see my latest video and add-work at : https://www.kultursjov.no/index.php/tjenester/design-og-video

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Stian :-)